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Enquire about our robotic assisted surgery for less pain, quicker recovery and shorter hospital stay. We specialise in the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques. 


When to see a urologist?


If your condition involves the urinary tract or the male reproductive organs then a urologist is a highly skilled professional that can assist you.

Our team are dedicated to the investigation and treatment of a range of urological conditions. We offer advanced surgical techniques and access to the latest technology including robotics and advanced screening tools. Experience the benefits that quality urological care can provide for your health and lifestyle.

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If your General Practitioner has referred you to us then this could be the first step to better health, improved function or treatment. Our team treat a range of conditions and in most cases an examination and investigation of your condition is important to assess your treatment options.

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Treatments and surgical procedures

Haematuria (blood in urine)
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS)
Bladder and urothelial carcinoma
Kidney stones / Renal colic
Renal cell carcinoma
Pelvi-ureteric Junction Obstruction (PUJO)
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Prostate Cancer
Kidney Stones / Renal Colic
Stone Risk Minimisation
Peyronie’s disease
Penile cancer

      Surgical procedures include: 

  • Robotic prostatectomy
  • Minimally-invasive kidney stone treatment including laser and shock wave lithotripsy
  • BPH surgery, including TURP and Urolift
  • Laparoscopic (keyhole) kidney surgery
  • Vasectomy and circumcision

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